21 Days of Prayer and Fasting (Inside Banner)

fasting-empty-plate-3DAY 3

So, now we are a couple of days in the fast and you may be finding that you are already trying to remember why you started fasting to begin with. You may be tempted to lighten up or maybe cheat with something “small”. Let’s take a couple of minutes to remember that we are fasting. Here are a couple of clarifying questions.  Where do you need to see God move? Where do you need to align with Him? Specifically in three areas of life.

1. Personal – Where do we need to see God move in your personal life? Maybe finances, marriage, kids, health, breakthrough, addiction, anger, bitterness, temper, etc. Pick one and focus your fast to one personal reason.

2. Spiritual – Again we are going to focus on one thing in our spiritual life as well. Where do you need to have God move? It could be understanding the bible better, having a better prayer life, boldness to tell others about Christ, or where ever else you feel you need to align yourself more with Him. 

3. Venue Church – Join with the rest of us as a unified church body in believing God for increase in one of the following areas: finances, people, leaders or a building 

The question is then are you willing to trade whatever it is that you are fasting to see God move in these areas. Hold on to it and believe for breakthrough. It is more than worth it!!

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