Lead Pastors – Sean and Faith Alexander

Our Pastors, Sean and Faith Alexander believe the Church is the Hope of the world and are committed to encouraging people to live an authentic christian life.  Above anything else, they desire to lead others closer to Jesus, for people to know God for Who He really is: a Father Who loves us no matter where we are in our lives and who has an amazing purpose for us. Growing up in the church, they want people to know it’s not about religion, it’s about relationship.  It’s not about behavior modification, it’s about true heart transformation.
Pastors Sean and Faith have been married 21 years.  They  met as teens and after a long series of events started dating in 1994.  Nine months later, they were married.  They both had heard the call for ministry at a young age, and jumping in with both feet, began serving under Faith’s dad, Pastor John.  In less than 3 years of marriage and ministry, they attended Bible school in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  In the year 2000, they graduated from RBTC.  From there, they went to the Czech Republic on missions, later Sean worked in Church marketing and Sales in the corporate world(Faith Highway) and became the custom project manager, very successful in sales.  Together, during this time they were ordained into ministry, helping church plants and new starts.  Working in Student ministries, as children’s pastor and leading worship with a church in Tulsa, OK,  and as worship pastors for CCC and CFC in Austin, TX.    Eventually, they  ended up at Celebration Church in Georgetown, TX.

At Celebration Church, they both said, “Let’s just jump in and see how they’re doing this!  It was exciting to see a church with a similar culture and vision God had given us with the word God downloaded in April 2002.”  In 2002, while in the corporate world, Pastor Sean was sitting at his desk.  He was having a quiet moment with God, when, as Sean puts it, “It was like the Matrix, God downloaded in my spirit, “Go to Cleveland area, plant a church, stay with the company you’re with, wait 5 years until the next step.”   “We never had any intentions of being pastors, so this was a surprise to us!”  says Faith.  They began to pray over this new commission together and serve wherever planted, knowing God was positioning them for preparation for the next step.

In 2003, Faith Highway transferred them to Austin, TX.  In  2007, while serving at Celebration Church, Pastors Sean and Faith attended the first national ARC(association of related churches) conference hosted and held at Celebration!  “We couldn’t believe it, we’re sitting in the conference and speaker, Pastor Craig says, “One of the greatest tools of evangelism in the world today, is church planting.” We began to weep, God was showing us the next step.”  They began the process with the ARC and completed an internship with Celebration.  In 2009, Pastors Joe and Lori Champion sent them out to plant Venue Church!  In radical faith and obedience, Pastors Sean and Faith moved with their 5 children(now 6) to Ohio!

Our mission, at Venue is to draw people closer to Jesus regardless of how far away they are from him.  Venue’s mission and vision are our six R’s.  To reach, restore and release people with the life giving message of Jesus Christ through a real, relevant and relational culture.  The word Venue is defined as to make Action take place and at Venue Church, it’s God’s  Love in Action.  We filter everything we do through that.  Are we reflecting Christ’s love? Because it’s his love that’s radically transformed our pastors and compelled them to live by radical faith.


timVenue Youth Leaders – Timothy & Marla Krause

Timothy and Marla  are leading Venue Youth. They  believe the Church is the hope of the world!

Timothy is passionate about his love for God and seeing people flourish in God’s love and purpose, especially the next generation.  Timothy and his wife, Marla, minister to our Students.  They are passionate about their love for God and seeing people flourish in God’s love and purpose. Timothy has been involved with Venue Church since 2009 during our pre-launch phase, he began pioneering our Kids Ministries and he has worked and volunteered in youth ministry in both San Antonio and Georgetown TX..  Timothy and his beautiful wife Marla have been a part of our Dream Team and Staff from the very beginning of this great adventure! We are so thankful for such a wonderful couple,  who are fun and have a great sense of humor. We are so thankful for them!  If you have a love for people and want to serve with Timothy, click on the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page and email him today. They have 3 boys, Jeshua, Emery and Teagan. We are so blessed by their family and we know you will be too.

My name is Timothy Krause, and I am and the youngest of 5, yep I am the “baby” lol!  And I’m sure my older siblings would agree that I have yet to grow up and I will probably always be a big kid at heart. Maybe that’s why I was always drawn to working with Kids and Youth and they’ve always been drawn to me. My passion for kids also comes from the fact that most of my “pivotal moments” in life were when I was young. As a “pk” I grew up in a good Christian home and practically lived at Church. I’ve made my share of mistakes still, but God’s grace is bigger then my biggest mistake!  I get to connect families to God’s house and minister to Students, how cool is that?! I have an incredible supportive wife, Marla, who has worn several volunteering in Kids, Venue worship and Venue Women’s ministry. She loves people and is passionate about raising our three boys! She has a singing gift and loves sign language. I am blessed to have an awesome wife!

Favorite Book – Jesus with dirty feet
Movie – John Q
Vacation spot – San Antonio, Texas
Hobby – basketball and fishing
Tim and Marla have been married 10 years and have 3 boys!