As we look back on the past years, there are things that have mastered us. Things like pride, addictions, jealousy, anger, bitterness, uncontrolled spending & food. They have been like an untamed beast in our lives. In 2018, let’s master the beast and become a “Beastmaster”. 

Don’t miss “At the Movies”, Sundays (December 3rd – 17th) at our 9 & 10:30am services. We look forward to seeing you there. (Click here for more info)


21 Days Event Square1/14 – 2/4
This year’s fast starts on January 14th and ends on February 4th. Fasting Has Never Been This Fun!

If you’ve come to Venue Church in the beginning of the year, you’ll know that we start out every new year with a season of fasting. Of course, nobody “has to” fast; but, when you understand what the Bible teaches on fasting, you’ll realize: we “get to” fast. It’s actually an incredible opportunity.



This year’s Dream Team Party will be on March 2nd. More info coming soon!