ATM 2018 300X300

The “At The Movies” Sunday morning series is one of the funnest Sunday morning series that we do annually at Venue Church. This year it will begin on August 26 and go through to September 16th.

A good movie doesn’t just tell a good story—it brings people together. They connect with us … we laugh, we cry and we clutch our arm rests. We feel excitement, sadness, joy, fear, protest and empowerment.

You’re invited to join us this year at Venue Church for this fun and insightful series. Bring a friend and grab a bag of popcorn in the lobby as we dive into a few amazing  summer films and find biblical truths in their most powerful moments.

Services are @ 9 & 10:30am at the Emerald Events Center. Bring your friends and family with you:) We can’t wait to see you there!!!!


This year our “Invite a Friend Sunday” falls on SEPTEMBER 23rd. As always, it will be a fun Sunday with food, give-aways, Venue Kids and a powerful message.

So, invite a friend! You’ll be glad you did.

This year we will be kicking off a relationship series and going through the Song of Solomon. We’ll touch on attraction, dating, sex, fair fighting and how to make it to the end … happy:)! It’s never too early or to late.