What If …

You’re invited this Sunday for the new message series : “Not Today, Satan”

Everyday are tempted to get angry, to be jealous, to be lazy or even selfish. Day after day we see characteristic in those around us, and even worse … when we look into the mirror.  Characteristics like: lust, hate, deceit, pride,  dishonesty, dishonor, slander, cheat, abuse and addiction. I think we can all agree that there comes a point when we just have to say: “Not Today, Satan!!  Enough is enough.”

Join us as we dive into everything from relationships and how to live as an overcomer to what the bible actually has to say about Satan and his demons. It’s one of those series that you don’t want to miss!!

CLICK BELOW for directions to the Emerald Events Center in Avon.


Life Group (Winter Semester)

The winter semester of Life Groups is starting the week of February 9th. If you haven’t joined yet it isn’t too late. You can sign up as late as February 23rd. Click below to sign up today.