What If …

You’re invited this Sunday (01.05 – 01.26) as we begin our new series: “What if …”

How people have finished this question has has been changing history for as long as there has been history. What if we could build a flying machine? What if there are distant lands beyond the ocean? What if we fight, even though the odds are stacked up against us? What if we could transplant a heart? What if we could land on the moon?

We don’t have to look very far to see that the world we live in has been molded by people asking that very question. But, if this question only lives in other peoples victories, we have missed the point. We have to finish this question for ourselves and struggle with how we answer the question.

What if I started that company? What if I forgave them? What if I loved others the same way that Jesus has loved me? What if I wrote that book? What if we went to counseling? What if I told someone about my addiction? What if I gave more than was comfortable? What if we became more like Christ?

What if how this year ends is decided by the decision we made today? Join us in this series and together let’s dream and believe and change our worlds!

What if …

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21 Days of Prayer And Fasting

Join Us in our annual seasons of 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting (From January 5th – 26th). If you have joined us in years past then you know how powerful this time is. Here are the basics:

1. Decide what you are going to fast.
Here are some examples: All food, 1-2 meals a day, all sugar, pop, fast fool, facebook/social media, tv, coffee (I think you get the point). Whatever it is make sure that it isn’t something easy.

2. Decide what you are fasting for.
If there is no reason to fast then it is simply a diet or an exercise of will and doesn’t have much spiritual value. We usually say pick 3 things to fast for.
1 Personal Focus – Pick one thing
2 Spiritual Focus – Pick one thing for yourself or someone else
3 Church Focus – This year we are focusing on the “Take The Land” Campaign to get into a permanent location.

REMEMBER this is the prayer part. Pray over these 3 things as often as you think about them. The Prayer part of these 21 days  is the most important part of what we are doing.

3. Be Accountable to someone
Don’t attempt to do this alone. Remember, we are Better Together.

4. Lastly – Journal your experience – You will only regret not keeping a daily journal of everything you are experiencing. God is going to move in your life and a journal allows you to read about what He did in your life, later when you need  reminded!

We are excited to do this together!

Happy Fasting:)

Pastors Sean & faith Alexander

01.26.20 – Deeper Night of Worship

Join us on January 26th as we end our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting with a powerful night of worship. Come ready to worship our Lord and Savior & experience God’s Presence.

The service starts at 6:30pm at the Emerald Events Center (33040 Just Imagine Dr., 44011)

02.02.20 – Football Sunday

It’s that time again, Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner and we are holding a special event. Come and see interviews and hear some amazing stories from the the leagues finest believers. Guys like Benjamin Watson of the Patriots, Prince Amukamara of the Bears and Nate Solder of the Giants. This is a perfect time to invite friends and family. This will be a fun service, with giveaways and amazing testimonies. You don’t want to miss it! Check out the trailer below!