Empowerment Track Web PageWhat is your “Next Step” here at Venue Church. Your next step is the Empowerment Track! The Empowerment Track is designed to make Fully Engaged followers of Christ, but we know that everyone is at different places in their spiritual walk. You might be seeking truth. You may not know much about about Christianity or even if you believe it yet. You may be new to the whole church thing. You may have been apart of Venue Church for years. You may have plateaued spiritually and don’t know why. You may feel the call to serve in ministry.

Whatever the case we know everyone’s story is different and that is what makes the church beautiful. We also know that everyone has a next step in that story and that is exactly what the Empowerment Track, at Venue Church, is all about. It is a 3 week, Sunday morning group that has a purpose in identifying exactly what those individualized next steps are for you and then helping you to achieve them.

We are excited to help you take that next spiritual step toward Christ, no matter how big or small that may be. The Empowerment Track begin on the first Sunday of every month (for 3 weeks) and starts directly after 2nd service (11:45am)