I have really grown to appreciate and love the names of God over time. The more you dive into and pray through them the more alive the become to you. When Jesus prayed (in Matthew 6:9) “… Hallowed be your Name” it is super easy to just read through this verse and not give it a second thought. But if do that, you read right through all the power that it contains. What is Holy about His name? In the Old Testament we see that God gives us 8 of His names AND these are the names He wants us to call Him. Let’s look at the first one.

JEHOVAH RA’AH – The Lord is my Shepherd!

This name is found in Psalm 23:1

Psalm 23:1a The Lord is my shepherd (Jehovah Rohi [Ra’ah]), I lack nothing.

Here King David (probably reflecting and at an older point in his life) is describing himself as a sheep, with the LORD as his shepherd.  This is not a very flattering picture for David to paint of himself. Sheep are dirty, smelly, stubborn, stupid, and totally helpless. When talking about sheep it is good to know that sheep need 3 things before they can be at rest.

1. They need to be within sight of the shepherd.
– If they can’t see the shepherd, sheep will stand up looking until they collapse from exhaustion. We do this … if we don’t know the shepherd, We will take control of every aspect of our lives until we collapse.

2. Sheep need the safety of the flock.
Even a sheep that is tired and hungry will not stop wandering if it is alone. We were wired for relationships

3. Sheep need freedom from predators.
– As long as a wolf or a lion is near them, sheep will not lie down or eat. Why do we have stress, fear and anxiety? Because we don’t really know the Shepherd.

With that I have a Question for you to meditate on today. It is this:


Is it all of your life or just the parts you feel secure in? Meditate on this question and don’t shut Him out when it becomes uncomfortable.

Happy Fasting!
P. Sean

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