fasting-empty-plate-21TODAY IS THE LAST DAY

You made it! Today is day 21 of the fast. Of course, when exactly it ends, depends on when you started. For me it was about 9pm Saturday Night, so our’s is complete tonight at 9pm. We’re pretty excited, especially the kids, but it always raises quite a few questions. What do we want life to be like after the fast? Hopefully your prayer life has increased, you’ve spent more time in the word, you’ve seen God specifically show up in some of the areas you were focusing on and you feel better. Does breaking the fast mean, you want to go back to the unhealthy areas in your life? Now that you have a healthier relationship with food, do you want to keep it? Now that you are praying and reading more, do you want to stop? Now that you have been using you faith in a very specific way, do you want to stop exercising your faith in this way? I, personally, have lost a good amount of weight and feel better daily. I am not really thinking, I can’t wait to gain it all back and feel worse.

Like we said in the beginning, fasting is not about impressing God in a way to get His attention so He can hear us better. It is about us intentionally aligning ourselves with Him so we can better hear and see. Over the last 21 days we have been intentionally going through an alignment process. So, keep praying, keep seeking, keep spending time in his word, keep being intentional and being healthy in your choices. Enjoy life with the knowledge and experience that, you have the kind of restraint that allows you to do it the the fullest. A disciplined life is one that has the greatest impact on those around them.

Happy Fasting (don’t go to crazy tonight) :)
P. Sean

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