Venue This Sunday

Stories Web Current Series

Stories … we all love a good one. They inspire, they challenge, and we all have one. Some of the greatest stories throughout history are found in the bible. In this series, we find a part of our story in the midst of the greatest stories ever recorded. The lives of David, Moses and Abraham aren’t just incredible stories to read, but keys to living our own lives with passion and success.

You are invited to join us at Venue Church this Sunday for either the 9 or the 10:30am service. Don’t keep it to yourself! Bring a friend, invite someone on facebook, send a text, take someone to lunch after service! We look forward to seeing you there.


What do you expect from church?

Venue Church is a Christ-centered church that believes church should be authentic, meaningful and life giving. Each Sunday, you and your family can experience God in a real way through worship services and dynamic messages that are both practical and uplifting. Come as you are, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

We look forward to meeting you!!